utorak, 11. prosinca 2012.

Oscar De La Renta pre fall 2013

I can not find enough words to describe how much I am in love with ODLR pre fall 2013 collection! I wached the show for about twenty times, it is never enough! Those dresses are apsolutely stunning, those fabrics, paterns.. Just wow! Long story short, here are my favorites, enjoy!

I would give all dresses and shoes I own for this dress! PERFECTION!

so delicate and beutiful, I love the blazer the most

this is how a working and successful woman should look

so baroque inspired and gorgeous

less is more

simple but perfectly classy

less is more in the white way

I like this dress very much, especially the shape of it

pemplum perfect!

now, who do not like this dress?!

so red carpet!

if you have a big amount of money, girls- this should be your prom dress!


hello magician!

XO, Tasha

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  1. I agree with you, this collection is stunning!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for following!!!! I’m following you back now on GFC :)
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  2. Bas..magician :) haljine - breath-taking!

  3. Just love all of those...stunning!! xx

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  5. omg the pink dress ! *_*
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  6. This collection is FANTASTIC!!