utorak, 7. svibnja 2013.

Lately favorites

Hello you beautiful person who is reading this at the moment! I am extremly busy this past few days/weeks so excuse for my poor blogging, it will all get better in time! Soo.. Today's post is about beauty products (mostly) I used this past few months. I decided to do this kind of a post because you seemed to like my Autumn Favorites post. I think you heard about most of this products, but maybe you'll find something new worth of trying. So let's begin!

the best mascara ever. 

you will be amazed with this if you never used lip butters. Sooo much better than regular chapsticks, it does not contain salicyd acid (which makes your lips dry even more, most of  so called lipbalms contain it)so it is enough to put it just twice a day for soft and kissable lips- this is truly a blessing.

my favorite nail polish, I used it almost the whole April. Catrice- Meet Me At The Coral Island

body butter with the best smell you can imagine! This is just amazing, you got to try this! 

I call this a hair fairy. This is one really great product, especially if you have sensitive hair like me. This is a hair mask, you leave it on a damp hair for couple of minutes and than rinse.

also one amazing hair product. Frizz- ease by John Frieda. This one really does protect your hair from heat.

favorite arm candy.

the best lipstck ever! 240 Undressed by Rimmel.

I wear this almost every day. My babies!

fav shirt. Just love stripes!

one lovely necklace I truly adore. 

I also want to share with you this online store I ran into couple days ago. It is called e Fox City and it is really a good page if you are looking for a nice, stylish and latest fashion clothes and jewlery for a low price! I found a lot of great things there, I belive you will to! Also, I must mention three amazing facts:
                     -they sell gorgeous evening dresses, also not expensive
                    -they also have clothing for men- gentlemen, take a look, you can find some great things for you there!
                    -I will graduate from high school in few weeks so I know what it means to struggle with a prom dresses and their ridiculously high prices. On EFC you can find some beautful prom dresses under 100$! How amazing is that? And they made dresses tailored fit, just for you!

Here are some pictures of their clothes, I think you're going to like it! 


Kisses, A.