ponedjeljak, 30. srpnja 2012.

Sun is in the sky

one casual summer outfit for barbecue and walk around the city with friends. I know I wear this bag and bracelet  a lot but they are just perfect for summer and they go very well together. 
 I gain on a couple phounds this few weeks because all I do is eating, shopping, eating, watching TV, eating, redecorating my room and yes-eating! So I need to double my gym vistits and eat a little bit healtier. I'm writing this because some of you asked me for my height and weight, but, unfortunately, I can't tell you precisely because I didn't measure it since May. I think it should be around 62 kg. Height is 176 cm. 
That's it, enjoy the rest of the day! Bisous!

t-shirt- random London store
bracelet- H&M
belt- Zara

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XO, Tasha

četvrtak, 26. srpnja 2012.

Keep it simple

it's a little bit colder weather here in Zagreb so I must put on some warmer clothes. I wasn't in the mood for some brighter colours and details, so I put on my grandmother's shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. And this bag.. It's on of my biggest purchases ever! I was saving money for it for like 7 months because I was in love with it, actually, I still am! 
And yes! A couple of you asked me are my bags and jewlery fake. And the answer is NO! I would never buy something fake, I would rather buy something in H&M or in Zara if I don't have money or I would save for it a for long time. And some of my bags are gifts from my aunt. So are we good now? Haha :-) 
And that's it guys, hope you like this casual look. Bisous!

shirt- vintage
jeans- Bershka
bag- Salvatore Ferragamo
earrings- H&M

XO, Tasha

subota, 21. srpnja 2012.

Dots, dots, dots!

I'm bringing you today one of my favourite pieces that are currently in my summer wardrobe- this amazing jumpsuit! It looks really good on my sunkissed skin and you don't have to think hard which details should you choose with it. This my today's outfit, I'm still wearing it.
That's it for today, I hope you like it! Bisous!

Jumpsuit- H&M
Jewlery- Pimkie & Strašne Mašne <3

XO, Tasha

utorak, 17. srpnja 2012.


Hi guys, sorry for being such a bad blogger, but I had a suprise trip to Zadar for a whole week. I got an amazing chance to stay in a five star hotel Falkensteiner Iadera Resort. I took a lot of photos, but I made a little resime for you. It was a very classy and stylish trip and I hope I'll spend more vacations there. Now, less talk, more photos! Hope you like it!

Pozdrav ljudi, ispričavam se za "ne-bloganje" čitav tjedan, ali bivah iznenađena jednim cijelotjednim izletom u Zadar. Dobila sam priliku koja se ne propušta, a to je odsjedanje u predivnom hotelu s pet zvjezdica Falkensteiner Iadera Resort. Iphone mi broji oko 500 fotkica, ali za vas sam napravila jedan manji rezime. Bio je to jedan vrlo otmjen i stajliš put i nadam se da ću imati prilike još koji odmor provesti tamo. A sada manje priče, više slika! Nadam se da vam se sviđa!

                               my favourite swimsuit <3 Victoria's secret

beautiful sea view from one house

some summer essencials, this is my favourite magazine, Stilist <3

my currently favourite nailpolish

this is Falkensteiner Iadera. Isn't it stunning?
I didn't took any of inside pics because I wanna do it when I get good camera.

this is my best friend Maja with my aunt's dog Kiara <3

not so great weather, but it lasted for like an hour 

amazing dress from La France Boutique. Just love the navajo style!

Boyfriend overall from La France Boutique. I'm in love with it, it is so comfy but stylish and it has spikes on upper pockets that give final and perfect touch to it. I pared it with amazing Giorgio Armani bag and pair of black Converse. 

and last, but not the least outfit! 
I'm, as you can see, in love with navajo and indian style, I think it fits me good and I feel great in it. So, for one casual dinner, I wore this!

hair accessories- H&M
jewlery- DIY, Six, Accessorize
tee- H&M
skirt- FAA H&M
bag. vintage
lipstick- Chanel

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XO, Tasha

četvrtak, 5. srpnja 2012.

OOTN: studded

My first OOTN! I wore this to friend's B- day. We went to one club in Zagreb called Mansion.. It was great, hope we'll repeat that soon even thought I barely keep my eyes open now. I'm sooo tired..
Anyway, hope you like this edgy outfit! 

Moj prvi "noćni" outfit! Nosila sam ovo na prijateljičin rođendan u jedan zagrebački klub naziva Mansion. Bilo je odlično i nadam se da ćemo to uskoro ponoviti iako trenutačno jedva držim oči otvorene, preumorna sam!
Inače, nadam se da vam se sviđa kombinacija!  

Shirt- H&M
Neon Bra- H&M
Shorts- Levi's + DIY (thanks to Psycho Couture)
Bag- Tašnarija
Bangle- H&M

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XO, Tasha

utorak, 3. srpnja 2012.

Decor inspiration: beautiful rooms

My room is now in transformation process, so I'm spending at least an hour a day serching for inspiration online. I'm a big daydreamer and perfectionist, so I want my room to be really special. 
I decided to share some of my favourite photos that left me breathless when I saw them. Enjoy!

Moja je soba trenutno u procesu transformacije, pa zadnjih par mjeseci provodim najmanje sat vremena dnevno crpeći inspiraciju sa interneta. Veliki sam sanjar i perfekcionst, stoga želim da moja soba izgleda veoma posebno.
Odlučila sam podijeliti s vama neke od mojih omiljenih fotografija koje su me ostavile bez daha kada sam ih ugledala. Uživajte!

                        I love this vintage couch, I think it gives this room a warm and comfy feeling

I need to have a vintage chair like this ones! So beautiful, isn't it?

books! I'm so envy on this book collection, but I would never put them above my head. Too dangerous!

I'm so in love in Xtina Aguilera's shoes collection! Amazing!

this is my favourite picture! I mean-PERFECT! So creative, so colorful, so polka dots! WOW!

                    Is this a coooooooool carpet or what??

stop and stare!

I love white colour because of the light it brings to every space!

I would be so happy if my future apartment could look like this one!

I think there is no need to say anything. Every detail is perfectly combined.

                                     so clean & modern, but also beautiful and warm!
                                            love how all shades of blue and grey look together!

so me! I need to have this WHERE THERE IS TEA THERE IS LOVE poster because I'm a true tea addict!


luxury.. SO ENVY! Gotsh, it would be magical to have sea view right from you bedroom! 

I think this is apartment from Olesya Malinskaya, but I'm not sure. I just love it! Maybe with some vintage details it would look even better (I love mixing modern and vintage), but I love it like this too.

it would be so magical to be sorounded with pictures of your love ones, but maybe this is  little too over the top.

now, that's a stunning room!

and in the end, clothes of course! This is 100% cute!

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XO, Tasha