ponedjeljak, 30. srpnja 2012.

Sun is in the sky

one casual summer outfit for barbecue and walk around the city with friends. I know I wear this bag and bracelet  a lot but they are just perfect for summer and they go very well together. 
 I gain on a couple phounds this few weeks because all I do is eating, shopping, eating, watching TV, eating, redecorating my room and yes-eating! So I need to double my gym vistits and eat a little bit healtier. I'm writing this because some of you asked me for my height and weight, but, unfortunately, I can't tell you precisely because I didn't measure it since May. I think it should be around 62 kg. Height is 176 cm. 
That's it, enjoy the rest of the day! Bisous!

t-shirt- random London store
bracelet- H&M
belt- Zara

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XO, Tasha

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  1. Majica je bas zanimljiva, a sorc mi se jako svidja :))

  2. You are too beautiful! Love your hair xx

  3. such a colourful outfit :) nice!


  4. LOVE this outfit <3 especially the shoes!

    Alexa <3

  5. Your pictures are so amazing and you're gorgeous, girl!

  6. very beautiful pants!!!
    if you want pass by my blog i have a new post! http://sarabucchi.blogspot.it/2012/08/mias-love-boat_2.html#more

  7. Omg you're so pretty! Love your shorts and your beautiful hair :-)
    You just look stunning <3

    Btw thanks for your comment on my blog. You asked if we could follow each other?
    Yeah of course, pretty! I'm following you by now :-D

    Lots of hugs