četvrtak, 24. siječnja 2013.

Must haves for spring 2013

Since the spring is my favorite time of the year, I decided to do a must-have post with some key pieces for this spring. There is not something so new and revolucionary, but I think this is a good reminder in case you forgot on some of this beauties. I hope you like it, feel free to add someting you think is a this spring's must-have in comments, I'll be happy if you do so! Kisses!

one good blouse with stripes. Definitely the main must have for this spring!

leather. Leather skirt, leggings, pants, jackets, shirts, shorts, everything! Rock on!

transparent white blouse. Classic, basic!

Coral. It screams SPRING!

transparent black blouse. Elegant, sassy, classy!

something in mint green, it's such a delicate and beautiful color

something in royal blue. Even the nails can look awesome and powerful when painted in this color!

floral pants. Because it's spring!

some neutral color bag so it can go with everything.

and a good blazer for jacket-free days.


Kisses, Tasha

ponedjeljak, 21. siječnja 2013.

Inspiration and motivation lately

Here are some things that are true inspiration and motivation to me lately. I can't say I'm an Internet addict, I am more like one true fashion addict! I spend most of my online time on the Style.com and some other inspirational sites and blogs. I find that like a good candy replacement! And since I stopped watching Gossip Girl six months ago (and I only watched the first two seasons), I decided to start watch my favorite show from the beginning again! And it really is not boring at all! I mean, it can't be! Ok, enough of this empty talk.

great quote, I love it

I can not explain why did I put this photo here.. I just love it, I am obsessed with pearls currently and I love this lace bra very much so.. 

beeeeautiful Monica Bellucci on the cover of Spanish edition of VF
hair and make up left me speechless

I am really into smokey eyes/nude lips lately, so Kim K. is a huge inspiration to me lately

struggling to find the perfect prom dress

I know A., I know

as I said, GG is on the daily schedule

Sex And The City also!

gym quotations and this kind of pics are huuuuuge inspiration to me in my workout plans and aims

I do not hate snow. I just prefer the beach! I would not mind to work in this conditions!

love this photo haha

travels can't become boring

Balenciaga spring 2013 


Fendi spring 2013. Simple but amazing.


and also.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013. 

also. Cara <3

yes, also.



Kisses, Tasha

četvrtak, 17. siječnja 2013.

London overload

Hello to all people who read my blog! Yes, this is my first post this year, but it is special! You maybe remember my wish list post (HERE) where I mentioned that one of my biggest wishes is to go to the London. And, finally, my wish came true! I visited that wonderful town and I must say-it is just perfect! I have never felt so amazing and happy! It is just the city from my dreams! Everything looks so different than here in Zagreb, everything is so organised and.. JUST PERFECT! I do not have anything bad to say about London. People, food (not the best one I ate in my life, but I'm not complaining!), buildings, shops.. Everything! Enough of talking, pictures, pictures, pictures!

in our cuuuute hotel called The Gallery in South Kensington

All those taxies are so adorable!

beautful window


one so called mainstream photo after my first London shopping in Topshop

entrance to the Hyde park

monumental in Harrods

Ooooooo yeeaaah, the Victoria's secret store opened in London! 

wow, I look sooo evil on this one haha

Picadilly circus <3

Trafalgar square


The London Eye

my all time favorite photo 

Hope you like my London post, sorry for all grammar mistakes, I'm really tired! 
I don't want to do those haul, bragging posts because you will see all things I've bought in my next posts.

Kisses, Tasha