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The second most important day (night) in every girl's life is the PROM NIGHT! The first is, of course, the wedding day.  My prom is "just" eight months away and I am trying to figure out what kind of a dress do I actually want. I watch a lot of couture runaways to get some inspiration and I also do a lot of researching on the Internet. But, I am not the only one who is still searching! There is a lot of things you should have in mind while searching for a perfect prom dress.
 Your body type- THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! I figure that a lot of girls pick out the wrong dress because they are looking just the ones they think are pretty. But no one can wear every dress and look good in it! Of course, there are girls with hourglass figure who can wear more dresses than a pear-shaped or a carrot-shaped girls.
Your skin tone. Please, girls, I am begging you- if you have a really pale skin- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT wear really bright pastel colours! It is just wrong.
Your height. Dress can do a lot on that area. It can heighten you, which is a great thing, or shrunk you down and than you will look silly and chubby. You will see on the pictures below what I'm talking about.
Your weight. If you are really skinny- some dresses can make you look anorexic and that is just not hot. So be careful and look at those pics down there.
If you are chubby or curvey- some dresses can make you look really fat and that's a nightmare, don't you think so?!
There are many other things you should consider, but this are the most important things. 
Listen to me and you will look like a princess! Bisous!

Drugi najvažniji dan (večer) u životu svake djevojke je MATURALNA VEČER! Prvi je, dakako, vjenčanje. Do moje maturalne ima još "samo" osam mjeseci i ja još uvijek pokušavam shvatiti kakvu haljinu zaista želim nositi. Zadnjih par mjeseci gledam najviše couture revija i surfam po netu kako bih se inspirirala. Ali, naravno, nisam jedina koja je još uvijek u potrazi! Djevojke, trebate imate jako puno toga na umu dok birate svoju savršenu maturalnu haljinu. 
Vaš oblik tijela- NAJVAŽNIJA STVAR! Primjetila sam da mnoge djevojke gledaju samo haljine koje su im lijepe na lutki ili slici-POGREŠNO! Zašto? Zato jer nitko ne izgleda baš savršeno u svemu. Naravno, djevojke tzv. figurom "pješčanog sata" imaju širi izbor od djevojaka s figurom "kruške" ili djevojaka s figurom "mrkve".
Boja kože. Pritom mislim na ton. Djevojke, ako imate jako, jako svijetlu kožu, mooolim vas, nemojte birati haljine svijetlo pastelnih boja. To jednostavno ne izgleda dobro.
Visina. Haljina može učiniti puno kada je visina u pitanju. Može vas vizualno izdužiti, što je super stvar, a može vas i sniziti tako da izgledate bucmasto i blesavo. Vidjeti ćete na slikama o čemu vam govorim.
Težina. Ako ste jako mršave- u nekim haljinama možete izgledati doslovno anoreksično, a to zbilja ne izgleda. Stoga pazite i pogledajte slike dolje.
Ako ste malo krupnije ili imate naglašene obline- neke haljine vas mogu totalno proširiti i izgledat ćete debelo, a to je noćna mora, zar ne?
Sve u svemu, to je ono glavno na što morate paziti pri odabiru svoje savršene maturalne haljine.
Poslušajte moje dobronamjerne savjete i izgledat ćete poput princeze! Pusa!

                   this dress is gorgeous! It's sophisticated, delicat, luxury and just perfect for prom. I recommend this kind of a dress to girls with perfect upper body shape and clean and nice cleveage. You do not have to have perfect legs because they are fully covered.

this is a little bit more extravagant dress because of the big slit. For this one, you have to be a model type!

godess! I recommend this beautiful kind of a dress to the girls with accentuated hips and skinny waste.

amazing, isn't it? For this one, unfortunately, you have to have  perfect figure!

wow, this dress is just stunning! Such a beautfiul color. This dress can hide belly fat if you have a little bit of it and it is perfect for girls with small breasts because of all the details on them.

amazing Marchesa. Do you need more words?
Almost everyone can wear this.

mermaid shaped dresses. Perfect for curvy girls.

little white dress- because black is too sad for prom!

believe it or not, this dress can camouflage a lot! Belly, upper thighs. You just have to have nice arms.

all my friends know how much I love Selena Gomez and her style. I think this dress is really beautiful for skinny girls with sunkissed skin. Just like Selena!

gorgeous Sheri Hill dress. Again, it can fully cover your problem areas.

Plus size girls can also look like princesses!

Simple, but luxury. I love this combination. Perfect for girls with nice legs and arms. The rest doesn't really matter. Except your tummy. It should be relatively flat.

I'm in love with this dress! It has the open back (the pic did not want to download)
and it is perfect for skinny or curvy girls.

romantic one. You just have to have nice legs.

Gorgeous S.H. for busty girls with nice cleveage and clear skin.

also a romantic one. Perfect for everybody.

Lovley dress for girls with long and beautiful legs.

Perfect for everybody. 

Just like a Cinderella! Perfect for tall girls.

Hourglass shaped girls, here you go!

If you are fit, love to experiment with fashion and knows how to do it- this is a perfect dress for you!

It's nice for girls with a medium breast size and long legs.

Lovley dress for lovley girls. You must have nice legs and arms for this one!

I hope I helped you a little bit! 

*most of this dresses are from NewYorkDresses and NetAPorter

XO, Tasha

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Cro A Porter

Wow, last night was one of the most exciting nights in my life! I went on the Cro A Porter, an event that happens twice a year here in Croatia and where our famous designers represent their works for the next two seasons. I was the lucky one who got the ticket for the last night of it (it lasts for three days) where Matija Vujica and Zigman had their masterpieces shown to the world. Of course, there were also very talented Teo Peić for MAK and Lokomotiva by Lana & Luka. All clothes that was represented is extremely wearable and beautiful. This is one of those "picture overload" posts because everything was so great and I did not want you to be deprived of seeing this art works. This was also the first fashion show I ever attended!
Anyway, I got to run now, I have to study a lot! Enjoy in this amazing creations! Bisous!

*blogger doesn't want to collaborate, so pictures do not want to load, at least not all of them. I put the rest on Fb in album called CAP so feel free to visit my Fb Fan Page and enjoy in the rest of the photos! XX

                          T.Peić za Mak

Lokomotiva by Lana & Luka

Matija Vuica


And my outfit 

Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti
Dress- Zara
Bag- Tašnarija
Watch- Guess
Rings- Six
Tights- Calzedonia
Belt- Zara
Nail Polish- OPI Jade is new black

XO, Tasha