nedjelja, 21. listopada 2012.

Cro A Porter

Wow, last night was one of the most exciting nights in my life! I went on the Cro A Porter, an event that happens twice a year here in Croatia and where our famous designers represent their works for the next two seasons. I was the lucky one who got the ticket for the last night of it (it lasts for three days) where Matija Vujica and Zigman had their masterpieces shown to the world. Of course, there were also very talented Teo Peić for MAK and Lokomotiva by Lana & Luka. All clothes that was represented is extremely wearable and beautiful. This is one of those "picture overload" posts because everything was so great and I did not want you to be deprived of seeing this art works. This was also the first fashion show I ever attended!
Anyway, I got to run now, I have to study a lot! Enjoy in this amazing creations! Bisous!

*blogger doesn't want to collaborate, so pictures do not want to load, at least not all of them. I put the rest on Fb in album called CAP so feel free to visit my Fb Fan Page and enjoy in the rest of the photos! XX

                          T.Peić za Mak

Lokomotiva by Lana & Luka

Matija Vuica


And my outfit 

Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti
Dress- Zara
Bag- Tašnarija
Watch- Guess
Rings- Six
Tights- Calzedonia
Belt- Zara
Nail Polish- OPI Jade is new black

XO, Tasha

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  3. you are sooooo gorgeous ^_^


  4. That's some awesome pictures, love it and you look great. I can only dream of going to one of those fashion shows one day. Thank you for the sweet thoughts and for visiting my blog. Sure let us follow each other. let me know and I will return the favor.


  5. Great pics!! the clothes are amazing and you outfit is really glam!!
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  6. this look is very elegant, even with the sneakers! Good job

  7. Love your shoes.*_*
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  8. Hi, Tasha! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comment!
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    That was such a great event! You looked fantastic!! Love every single piece of your outfit!

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  10. Preubavo izgledash, mi se dopagaat patikite <3

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  11. I love the dresses from the show and your outfit is just WOW!
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  13. We are loving your blog! You totaly rocked that outfit!

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  15. I love your outfit, your shoes are amazing! :)
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