petak, 4. travnja 2014.

Do it better

Hello, hello!
So, I am back with blogging and I do not want to make some lame excuses for being lazy so I will just say- LET'S DO IT BETTER FROM NOW ON!

You seem to like my fashion posts so I will try to make at least three per week and to throw in some lifestyle or make up post once in a while, what do you say?

I changed a blog design a bit, tell me how you like it.
So good to be back, love you dolls!
XO, Antonela

And, yeah, I erased the Dressale wishlist post and all of you who made your Dressale wishlist posts should do the same because you can read on every page or discusion with the Dressale thematic that they usually do not fulfill their obligation to send you what you are supposed to win. So mean, no?
And I've read comments on their FB fan page that they have poor quallity items and usually not as shown on pictures. So, yeah.. Be careful with who do you collaborate! Take care, my girls :-)

(new hair color, yaaay!)

ponedjeljak, 18. studenoga 2013.

Cold days must haves

Hello there, you! Snuggle up in a warm blanket, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy in the Autumn/Winter must haves by me. If you need a music recommendation, you won't be disappointed with the newest song by John Legend. It's called All of me and it is the most beautiful song I've heard in past couple of months. Enjoy, honey bees!

You will not go wrong by investing in a good beige, pink or some other pale color coat because it never goes out of style and it looks so good while keeping you warm. 

Also, a timeless investment. Looks so chic, feel so cosy and comfortable.

I mean, look at this beauty! You will definitely turn heads in this sexy, modern leather jacket. It looks awesome on everything, dresses, jeans, jumpers, blouses.. Everything!

Come on, you all know how sexy this looks on a flirty skater dress, or a loose mini skirt! But you've got to be careful- this can look sluty on a bodycon dress and bare legs so don't go that far. 

Admit it, you are in love in this beauties as much as me! This will make any outfit look so stylish and modern, I really recommend you to consider investing in a pair of good chic ankle booties.

My favorite yewellery- biiig, bold necklaces! They make every outfit look so special and amazing, I mean, you can yourself!

Let your this year's beanie be in some crazy, stand out color which will smash the gray day's monotony.

With a jumper like this one, you will not need accessories- just a big smile!

To me, this is the prettiest nail polish for autumn/winter. Looks so good.
(Essie, Bahama Mama)

That's all cutie pies, blowing you a lot of kisses!

subota, 16. studenoga 2013.

Kiss, love, give

It's almost the most beautiful time of the year- the Christmas time. For a lot of people, especially young people, that mean gifts. A lot of people hoping to be suprised by gifts from you, but money is not really a friend, is it? Don't worry, you can find some pretty awesome gifts online for a very small amount of money. I'll give you some examples, maybe they will serve you as an inspiration, maybe even as a perfect gift for someone you care about.


Beautiful luxury earrings from ASOS for only 10 euros

this refers both on girls and boys. You do not have to spend a fortune on parfumes, go to Zara and you will find some amazing scents for a low price, about 10$.

 Here's one awesome watch you can give your boyfriend or brother. It is also from ASOS and it costs 18 euros. If you are a bit more mature, you can find some great, high quallty watches for very affordable prices, also on ASOS. 

what's better for cold, winter days than a warm, stylish beanie which will make your sugar pie even cuter!
(Asos, 8 euros)

Back to girl's stuff! I'm sure your bestie will be thrilled to get a nice, cosy jumper like this one! Such a cool and useful present. (Asos, 26 euros)

play safe. Buy that girl some make up.

a plain cup, just waiting for your personal, lovely or goofy note for your lovlies!
(cup with markers, Amazon, 5$)

if your girlfriend/boyfriend/bestie/sister/brother/mom/dad/grandparents love/s good books, go to the bookshop which sells antique books and buy something you think they'll love for a ridiculously small price!

as you heard for a million times, the picture says a thousand words. Take the best photo you have from you and your love, frame it nicely, write some nice message on the back and there you have a perfect, personal gift for someone you care about the most. 

hey, you! Yes, you! Doesn't matter if you are a princ or a princess, start baking, cooking, decorating! You do not have to make something that will impress world famous chefs, your better half will be more than satisfied with something you made with love.

if you are a creative soul, don't hesitate and write a poem to someone you love. Best things in life are always free. 

Those were my ideas, feel free to contact me on my e-mail if you need some more inspiration or help. You can also ask me something not related to this post, I'm happy to help! 

Kisses, Antonela 

*you can also find a truly awesome gifts on a good known page, eFoxCity
From the low price yewlery and cheap men clothes, to wholesale dressesprom dressesbeach wedding dresses etc.

nedjelja, 6. listopada 2013.

Rita Ora for DKNY

ENG: As I love the amazing Rita Ora very much, this is a MUST post on my blog! She did an excellent job and proved that she is a multitalented star.

CRO: Kako inače obožavam predivnu Ritu Oru, ovo je MUST post na mom blogu. Smatram da je napravila odličan posao i dokazala kako je zbilja multitalentirana zvijezda.

Kisses, Antonela. 

nedjelja, 8. rujna 2013.

Hard Rock Cafe

hello pretty girls. Sorry for the lack of posting, I had my lazy month and didn't do anyting workable. But here I am now. I hope you like the maxi skirt with basic t-shirt outfit.

skirt ZARA
bag ZARA

kisses, Antonela. 

New at the eFoxCity

Hi, I'm bringing you my little wishlist from the eFoxCity site.

you can look like a Vanessa from the Gossip Girl on your prom night for a very low money!

Tiger print is not just for girls anymore!

This one is my apsolute favorite since my fav color is yellow, and I love this half- mermaid style. 

ponedjeljak, 29. srpnja 2013.


ENG: Here is what I wore to my cousin's wedding. Simple, but effective. You should avoid all white or all black outfits for weddings the same as too short dresses/skirts which look quite unappropriate.

CRO: Ovo sam nosila na jedno vjenčanje. Jednostavno, ali efektivno. Pokušajte izbjegavati potpuno bijele ili potpuno crne kombinacije kao gost na vjenčanju kao i prekratke haljine/suknje jer izgledaju poprilično neprikladno za tu prigodu.

dress: Zara
belt: Zara
watch: River Island
bag: Tašnarija

Since I discovered eFoxCity few months ago, I go to their page almost every week to see if there is something new and they always surprise me nicely! I found cheap formal dresses which look awesome, unique prom dresses (every girl wants to look special for her big night) and cocktail dresses under 100$ which look much more expensive! Great, ha?

That's all for today!
Love, Antonela