utorak, 13. studenoga 2012.

Autumn Favorites

Today's post will be about my favourite things that I'm using a lot during this autumn (most of them are the beauty products). I sure you are using at least one of this things :-)

        my definitely favorite product ever- this amazing body scrub from Soap&Glory. It is just WOW. The way it smells, the way it lefts your skin after using it... W-O-W!

my favorite nail polishes! So perfect for autumn. (OPI- Jade is the new black, you can see it in my Cro A Porter post, Dior Vernis 759 and 492. (they are from the traveling kit, the small ones))

this lip balm is so tasty, I love it!

smokey eyes- my all time favorite eye make up! This is the one from Oriflame, it's great!

very popular Blemish Balm from Garnier. I must say, it really is an excellent product and it smells really nice.

my favorite parfume since summer! I'm using it a lot obviously! You got to try it, it is the most perfect parfume ever!

my LV vintage bag. This one is 25 years old!

my favorite lipstick from Giordani. It goes really well with my skin tone.

I think this is everyone's favorite autumn food!

Pantene Aqua Light hair spray. It really is aqua light and it is great is you have hair like mine- susceptible to damage

my baby pink Iphone mask I love so much and my favorite bracelet from Primark.

I do not leave the house without one of my scarfs!

the miracle shoes! I have this ones for 3 years and they are still usable. Timberland.

oversized jumpers. You got to love them.

there is no better feeling than wraping your self into a warm blanket, with a cup of blueberry tea, a good book or a TV on witch is your favorite show (in my case, it is the Gossip Girl)

XO, Tasha

subota, 10. studenoga 2012.

Bogner Jacket

I am freezing here. So cold. I do not like that at all! Only thing good about cold weather is tons of layers in clothing. This outfit is one really comfy outfit for one busy, busy day. This jacket is one of my favourite pieces of clothes ever! I just love it! Tell me what do you think about this outfit.

Smrzavam se. Tako je hladno i to mi se nikako ne sviđa! Jedina dobra stvar koju mogu povezati s hladnim vremenom je slojevito odjevanje. Ovaj outfit je jedan vrlo udoban outfit za veoma užurban i zaposlen dan. Ova je jakna jedna od najdražih mi komada odjeće koje sam ikad posjedovala. Jednostavno je obožavam! Kako se vama sviđa ovaj outfit?

jacket- Bogner
boots- Tamaris
sunnies- Zara
jumper- vintage
leggings- Bershka
bag- Giovanni Versace

XO, Tasha