srijeda, 16. svibnja 2012.

HR Fashion Industry

this things you see here are from young talented people who have a great wish to become a designers one day! And this was their opportunity to show their artwork to the world!

this rings here are unbeliveably cute! So interesting and creative. You can see here all kinds of every day stuff (from food to Holy Bible) that no one even thought it can look good as jewlery! 

and this earrings look really great when you put them on!

such an amazing and creative idea! Don't you think so?

who would even thought that Lego's look great as jewlery?

Lola's home manufakture. Not amazing-PERFECT, STUNNING! 

this coupole looked like an iglu!

in that tent was all clothes and designers. Even a fashion show maintainted in front of it!

my apsolutely favourite Croatian designers- the eNVy room!

and now you can see pictures of what I wore that day.. :)

now that I introduced you with this event, it is time for me to explain you what is it all about. Couple days ago,  our Josip Jelačić's square, became the mainly fashion centre in Zagreb!  HR Fashion Industry maintainted there. It is really an awesome event (happens every year, for three years now) because young and talented designers can show their work to public. Except the unknown fresh designers, there were some famous Croatian designers like Ivica Skoko, Robert Sever, eNVy room, Luka Grubišić, Ivana Popović etc. You were also able to buy some designer pieces in much lower price! I didn't have much time, so I just took this shots in which you can see what is it all about. Hope you liked it, bisous!

sada kada sam vas kroz slike upoznala s događajem, vrijeme je da vam objasnim o čemu se tu zapravo radi. Prije par dana, naš trg bana Josipa Jelačića, postao je glavno modno središte Zagreba! HR Fashion Industrija. To je jedan zbilja genijalan događaj (održava se svake godine, već tri godine) zato jer mladi i talentirani dizajneri dobivaju priliku pokazati svoj rad široj javnosti! Osim mladih i nepoznatih (još) dizajnera, tu su se mogli naći i poznati hrvatski dizajneri kao što su Ivica Skoko, Robert Sever, eNVy room, Luka Grubišić, Ivana Popović itd. Također su se mogli i kupiti neki dizajnerski komadi po znatno manjim cijenama! Ja nisam imala previše vremena za razgledavanje i isprobavanje pa sam samo poslikala malo da vidite o čemu se točno radi.. Nadam se da vam se svidjelo!

Shirt- vintage
Shorts- H & M
Leggings- Accessorize
Bag- Celine
Bow tie- Croata
sunnies- vintage
bow ring- Strašne Mašne
silver/black ring- Biju Briggite
thumb ring- Bvlgari

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XO, Tasha

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  1. wow cool event! Lots of interesting objects and art installation. Love it!
    cute outfit, very nice bow details and heart tights. :)

  2. Ajme preslatka si! Ove mašne su mi <3


  3. this looks like quite an awesome event!
    oh and your bow tie kicks ass


  4. Wow that is creative jewelry.. Your outfit is so cool, love your tights and boots! kisses

  5. wow looks like you had a great day. I love the jewellries. amazing
    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment. BTW I love your outfit so much

    see ya soon


  6. I absolutely adore your outfit! The shirt and the shorts are a perfect and sweet combination :)

    xox, Isa

  7. This is sooooo cuteee!
    Looking great!


  8. Great blog, lovin it !

  9. Lovely post sweetie!thanks for sharing all these great photos!
    I really like your outfit!especially your shirt with the bow tie!!!
    simply gorgeous hun!

  10. Hi Sweety!
    Love your look so cute!

    The Lady Posh

  11. great photos!
    You look amazing :)

  12. Like the pictures! Super cute outfit!!

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  13. you're looking absolutely amazing!

  14. Super post,super blog. Following :) xxx

    1. thank you, I'll follow you back for sure! <3


  15. it's a great opportunity for all those designers! great work ! thanks for stopping by, am following from now xx

    1. Yes, I agree! I'll follow back for sure!


  16. love your style! really really fabulous!

  17. love your outfit! espacially the rings :)