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Style Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

I did find the time to post something new after all! So today I'm bringing you one of the biggest fashion icons ever- Olivia Palermo! I love that woman, she has a timeless style and beauty.
We usually see her in pastel colours and classy outfits, but she is also rocking the bright colours and bold prints! I think I don't need to write a lot about her, you probably know everything! And even if you don't- you'll get it from this pictures! Enjoy!

Ipak sam pronašla malo vremena za novi post pa vam danas donosim jedan o jednoj od najvećih modnih ikona ikada- riječ je o Olivii Palermo! Obožavam tu ženu, taj bezvremenski stil i ljepotu.
Uglavnom je viđamo u pastelnim nijansama i svečanijim outfitima, ali ona također zna kako se nose jarke boje i printovi! Smatram da ne trebam puno pisati o njoj, vjerojatno već znate sve! A čak i ako ne znate- shvatit ćete iz slika! Uživajte!

                                    first thing first, she is really beautiful!
now, who wouldn't want this necklace? 

crawling for this blazer for a looong time!

ombre and tie dye love each other!

so cute!

she is even more gorgeous with a sun kissed skin!


this colours look especially good on her!


vintage, timeless beauty. That's what I was talking about.

like a Greek goddess

here too!

rocking this prints! Very brave!

dreamy in yellow!

hey pretty! Lovley bag!!!!!

transparent blouse gives something special to every outfit.. And with this edgy earrings.. Perfect!

you can put her in any decade, she would look unbeliveably beautiful!

fatal black! One of my favourites!

so 1950's!

how cute is that?

fur, leather and knit- you can't go wrong!

lace dress, Valentino's lace dress, Olivia Palermo in Valentino's lace dress! There's nothing else  I can say!

rocking this jumper!

so her! Stunning!

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  1. She is truly a fashion icon!


  2. Odgovori
    1. She looks THE best with dark brown curled hair, at least I think so:)

  3. I love her with dark brown wavy hair an in bright colors or print. She look fab!

    Nia. x

  4. the necklace in the second picture is PERFECT! the way that she put it is great!

  5. She is beautiful, stylish .. I adore her ! :)

    1. she is my favourite style icon after Alexa Chung :)

  6. Love her, she is my inspiration!


  7. odlicna je, prava inspiracija :)
    kod mene na blogu giveaway :)

  8. Inspirational pics:) Thank you for your suggestions, I'll try the curls:) you're a good observer!

    1. no problem, I think you'll be very happy with the results :) thank you :*

  9. She is AMAZING!each and every outfit of her is a statement!
    love love love her!

    1. agree with everything! :) Bisous, bisous! :**

  10. Prava je inspiracija i pre pre preljepa je! Ne dugo nazad gledala sam neki intervju sa deckom.. kako su samo slatki zajedno!! :)

    1. Ma predivni su zajedno, bas pravi soulmates :))

  11. She's so stylish and beautiful...I want to live in her closet ahah
    Nice post ;)
    I've just posted a new outfit, click here to check it out...I'll be happy to read your opinion!

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  13. Congratulations
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