nedjelja, 15. travnja 2012.

Style project: OMBRE

I apsolutely love the ombre effect on hair, nails, clothes and even on furniture! I am thinking on dying my hair dark brown on the upper half and dark blond on the lower half. What do you think about that idea?
Few days ago, I coloured my nails ombre blue and I loved it! I am thinking on doing some ombre projects with my clothes, but I first need to pick out some pieces from my wardrobe or buy something new. I love re-decorating old stuff, I think it is sometimes better to do that than buy a new ones. Do you like DIY projects? Did you do anything with ombre effect? Tell me about it, I would like to know! :-)

Ja zbilja obožavam "ombre" efekt na kosi, noktima, odjeći pa čak i na namještaju! Razmišljam o tome da obojim gornju polovicu kose u tamno smeđe, a donju u tamno plavo. Što kažete na tu ideju?
Prije par dana, nalakirala sam nokte "ombre plavo" i oduševila sam se! Razmišljam o novim ombre projektima na odjeći, ali prvo moram izabrati neke komade iz moje garderobe ili kupiti nešto novo. 
Ja obožavam redekorirati stare stvari, smatram da je to ponekada bolje nego kupovati novo. Volite li vi "uradi sam" projekte? Jeste li napravili nešto s "ombre" efektom? Podjelite to sa mnom, voljela bih znati! :-)

                                              I think they look really beautiful <3

                                      This is so cool and interesting piece! I think it goes well with mango colour and   peach colour.

                                   now, that's a great chair! <3

                            I think G.P. looks stunning! <3 3 amazing dresses!

                        I want to dye my hair like this, I'm in love in this pic! <3

OMBRE on cakes? Looks fabuolus and yummy!

                                                     xo, Tasha

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  1. I love ombre but the nails are absolutely incredible ! How can I do it? Do you know? :)
    Lovely post again !

    1. I tried once to do this and it acctualy worked! I bought Nivea's nail polishes (they are really good)and coloured half of nail beige and the upper half pink. You must put a lot of nail polish and do not wait 'till one colour is dry(!)-start dying your nail with the other colour right away and than you'll get this nice transition, colours will blend nicely! I'll try again and I'll post a picture:)Thank you <3